We like to work with clients we can trust and am sure you do too. This a key pillar of our values along with greater and greater levels of transparency.
Running an e-business can be competitive and good online visibility is essential but difficult to obtain. So it’s not a surprise when companies try and take shortcuts, using unethical, black hat techniques to get top rankings. These techniques can have short-term affects but can lead to website being penalised by search engines and be very costly in the long run!

Stimergy is an ethical SEO company and we believe that this decision provides the profitability, longevity, and balance that our clients are striving to achieve with their website.
At Stimergy, we are focused on the results for our clients. The goal that we aim for with each client is not rankings. Rankings are a means to an end. Instead, our goal is to focus on our client’s business goals, proof of their return on investment, and we deploy our search marketing and search engine optimization experience to help them achieve those goals.

Here’s proof that we’re dedicated to operating as an ethical SEO company:Our clients know what we do. We don’t just “deliver” rankings that are obtained mysteriously. We explain to our clients up-front what we plan to do and how we plan to do it.We have weekly contact with each and every client to update them on our progress and to build a lasting relationship.We deliver documentation every step of the way with clear, precise metrics and analysis. Nothing hidden, nothing “glossed over.”

This “full disclosure” is important to operating as an ethical SEO company but there’s something else we do that strengthens our claim even more:Most unethical firms are focused on rankings – getting a website to the top, fast. It’s unethical to searchers and it’s unethical to the business because this practice costs the business more over the long term.Instead, we focus on solid, consistent development in focused areas, working on rankings only if they will impact the business. More importantly, we connect all of our efforts to bottom-line results and analyze those efforts continuously.

A focus on bottom-line results demonstrates our commitment to operating as an ethical SEO company because it shows that we put our client’s long term business success first.